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How to get rich – 4 Secrets to Wealth – Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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How to get rich – 4 Secrets to Wealth – Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (Animated Book Review)

This video is a collection of ideas and tactics from a brilliant man that I respect and admire named Robert Kiyosaki. One of his bestseller books, Rich Dad Poor Dad with over twenty-four million copies sold, which by the way I highly recommend to buy and read, is a genuine story of his past.

The little Robert Kiyosaki had two fathers. His real dad was ahead of education in the state of Hawaii with a Ph.D. And even though he was a highly paid government official in Hawaii, he was the poor one. His other dad who was the best friend of his birth father. He dropped out of school at the age of 13, yet he became one of the wealthiest men in Hawaii, and when he passed, he left millions of dollars to his family. He was an uneducated self-made multi-millionaire who dropped out of school at the age of 13.

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Kiyosaki from early on wanted to be rich. So he was curious about asking how to get rich. His family was from Japan. Japanese believed at that time if you ‘re going to be rich, you have to go to school. Robert Kiyosaki was brilliant enough, to question that statement, so he asked himself. Wait a minute, my uncles and my aunts, my father, and my mother. All of my family went to school, yet no one is rich. So something must be off with education in school. And he was precisely correct.

You see, we are completely uneducated on the subject of money. We know very little to nothing on crucial skills that a man must develop if he wants to become financially independent. And there is no proper financial course to the curriculum of schools. In addition to this, the members of our families are not wealthy, most of the times. Therefore, we do not have a proper paradigm in our subconscious mind in the meaning of how to become wealthy. We have no access to a map on how to get rich.

And I am asking you right now, can you tell me in the comments below three critical skills that somebody needs to develop in his life, to become wealthy? What comes first to your mind? Let’s move on. My point here is that we don’t have the skillset, we do not know the skills to develop, and we are programmed from the TV and society to spend our money as fast as we can.

So no skillset and no mindset yet the most important things that you must develop if you want to be financially independent is your mindset and attitude towards money. So the question becomes.

How rich men think about money and properties. Which are the beliefs, ideas, and mindsets that they maintain and grow so wealthy? The keyword in building wealth is the word property. It simply means something that you own. So what’s the problem with properties? The problem is that they are tricky and you can’t identify them quickly. Some of them are assets, and some of them are liabilities. The catch here is that the same title can be an asset and can be a liability at the same time. It’s difficult to judge because it depends on the context of the investment.

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And because this is a little bit complicated and I get it, I am going to give you a real example of how this specific information can change the financial future of you, of your family and the humanity. The example is a house. Kiyosaki’s poor dad said to him when he was nine that their most significant investment and asset was the house that they bought. So the little Robert went to the Rich dad’s house and told him what he heard from his birth-father. And the Rich dad responded that’s why your old man is not rich. The house that you live is not an asset, and if it’s your most significant investment, then you are in big trouble.

The fundamental difference between assets and liabilities is that anything that increases the amount in your bank account is an asset, but anything that eats away the money in our bank accounts is a liability. Our homes are liabilities because even if we have paid off our loan, the cost to continually maintain them will take money out of our pockets. As Robert Kiyosaki often emphasizes, if you do not buy a home for the sole purpose of being an investment and you decide to just live in it by yourself, that home becomes a liability in every sense of the word.

That’s the critical mindset here. We have to become experts in understanding and separating assets from liabilities. People get into deep debt to own a liability. As a result, they face massive financial problems. And this is crazy to me. Just don’t get into any debt for any reason and please, please, increase your financial IQ by reading investing books and taking proper courses and seminars. That’s a very simple yet real secret to economic success, and this is the secret mindset numero uno. Rich people maintain high financial IQ with constant learning. Period.

Secret mindset number two. Rich people teach to their children the definition of hard work. You may have heard in your life that you must work hard to earn a living right? Go to the university, get a highly paid job, work nine to five and stuff like that. This financial strategy is taught to us by our parents early on, and it’s okay if you want an average life. If you want to work hard for the rest of your life and be broke, then this is your financial strategy from now on.

But if you want to know how to become wealthy, which I suppose that you desperately need, you have to change the definition of hard work in your mind. Hard work doesn’t mean to work hard on shitty jobs as an employee. It means to make money work hard for you. And this is your new definition of hard work from now on. When you think about working hard and hustling, think about how to make money work hard for you. And let me give more clarity on this subject. Money doesn’t have to be yours.

The rule says: make money work hard for you. It never said make your money work hard for you. And of course, I am not saying to get into debt to make this secret happen, because you will break the previous rule.

Secret mindset number three. Learn how to frame your self-fulfilling prophecy. Getting rich is just a game of mind. Robert Kiyosaki says that money is an idea. So, if you want more money, you’ll have to change your thoughts about money initially. If you say to yourself. “I am not interested in money”, “money is not important” then this becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy. Whatever you say to yourself it manifests.

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And I sincerely believe that money, and more importantly, wealth is a spiritual game. I come from Greece. Okay? We know for a fact that my ancestors Ancient Greeks, who founded or influenced every single science on this planet, were very spiritual beings and at the same time, they were very prosperous.

You have to master your mind if you want more from life. And I am asking you, do you want more money or wealth? If you replied yes, which I hope you will, then you have to change your mind by talking respectfully about wealth in general. Say to yourself that money is super important and you are never going to throw them away. Even bless wealthy people. Don’t be jealous of them. Just watch them and watch your ideas about money. Watch how you talk about money and wealth and finally, watch who is giving you those ideas. That’s the secret mindset number three. Learn how to frame your self-fulfilling prophecy, because whatever you say to yourself manifests.

Secret mindset number four. Money doesn’t make you rich. Assets make you rich. Robert Kiyosaki’s poor dad made more money than his Rich dad. Can you imagine that for a moment? His poor dad made more money but when he died left bills to pay, and his rich dad even though he made less money when he died left millions of dollars to his family. Money is just a powerful tool. If you use it well, it will make you rich. If you abuse it, it will make you weak. People give too much credit to money. And please let me be more clear on this. Poor people give too much importance to money. That’s why homeless people ask for money. And that’s why if you get a pay raise you won’t solve your money problems. In fact, rich people know that if you are getting more money, you will face more challenges. Jack Ma once said that mistakes happen in our company when we have more money.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed my four secret mindsets on how to get rich. And I am going to give a little bonus tip right here; it’s a simple idea that says money is a choice. You have to make a conscious decision of having money, but that choice is daily.

And I am very excited right now because this is my first English video on this channel, and I must admit that this subject is very complicated and challenging because there are so much to tell. If you enjoyed this video and you want more personal development content like this one, please consider subscribing on my channel.

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